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About Us

Dr.esthé, the leader in dermatological cosmetics,
opens new doors
in dermo cosmetics
with a passion
for healthy skin.


Pharmacist Kim who has deep interest and enthusiasm for solutions for beautiful and healthy skin. When he was young, he served as a senior researcher at the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics companies. He was a person who solely thought of skin as an expert in dermatological medicine and cosmetics.

In the early 2000s, during his study in France, he had access to cosmetics used as a therapeutic aid in pharmacies and hospitals, and collected information on the products. He thought that a new concept of dermatological cosmetics would be needed in Korea as well.

In 2003, he and his team began to do full-scale research on dermatological cosmetics with a single commitment: a commitment to healthy products. He thought that dermatological cosmetics should be a safe and effective product as a skin care supplement, and should be a product that enables people to enjoy a healthy life through healthy skin. On the basis of such commitment and principle, Dr.esthé, a compound for Doctor, an expert and Esthétique, beauty treatment was created.

The first product with Dr. Este's philosophy reflected was a solution to acne issues for the youth. While searching for solutions to the problems of adolescents’ skin problems such as acne and skin troubles, disturbance in their academic learning, we met with many experts in dermatology at middle school parents’ meetings. They reviewed, discussed, and researched a lot of materials. As a result, we could launch Dr.esthé’s AC line (AC solution, A2 solution, etc.), an acne cure made by dads during this course of research and discussion. As the No. 1 seller of “Dr.esthé” AC line, we have expanded our dermatological research in cooperation with clinical expert groups. Consequently, we could be sufficiently recognized for the safety and effectiveness of our product by more than 1,500 dermatologists and medical institutions for 10 years. Dr.esthé has been growing as a leading dermo cosmetics, a product with excellent application while making the most of advantages of efficacy and safety of medicine based on 10 years of experience and know-how. We have been focusing on research to help you realize the potential of your skin as much as possible with our products by improving skin affinity and health.  

The research that started with the concerns over the skin of our children and ourselves has been developed as a study to provide small help to people with various skin problems. We will continue to work on our research to develop products that can be used easily and safely by anyone. Furthermore, by realizing a healthy life through healthy skin, we will become a world-class dermo cosmetics brand made in Korea.  

Thank you.
Bong-jae Kim,
Pharmacist / President of Seoul National University Graduate School Research
Started his business in 2004



+ Cosmetics
= Dermo Cosmetics

It is a combination of the words dermatology and cosmetics that are exclusively available at doctors’ clinics and pharmacies. Beyond the existing concept of skin care for basic cosmetic items, these skin science-based items employ medical principles to solve skin problems, and help skin become healthier on its own. Recently, as the interest and needs for health have increased worldwide, demand for cosmetics certified to have reliable ingredients is also on the rise. In particular, dermo cosmetics, which are thoroughly tested for safety, is getting more and more attention. They are prescribed by European dermatologists such as those in France and Germany. What makes them different from ordinary cosmetics is that they are based on the concept of secondary treatment to find the root cause of skin problems, while ordinary cosmetics focus on alleviating skin troubles temporarily as a beauty tool. They are also different from medicines in that dermo cosmetics can be used for a long time and have few side effects, though it may take time to experience the efficacy; on the other hand, medicinal products are difficult to be used for a long time, and the risk of side effects is high.

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