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Article 1 (Purpose) These Terms and Conditions are set to define rights and duties, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the “company” and the "members” in using the online services (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) on the website of Dr.esthetique+ (, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) provided by Dermatech Korea Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Article 2 (Definition) * * “Customer” means a member or non-member who accesses the Site and uses the Services provided by the Company in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. * “Member” means a person who has access to the Site, enters into a Agreement with the Company in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and can use the services provided by the Company. * “Non-Member” means a person who uses the Services provided by the Company without joining the Site. * “ID” means the combination of letters and numbers determined by the member and approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying the member to allow him/her to use the Services. * “Password” refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by the member to identify him/herself and to ensure the confidentiality of his/her password. * “Termination” means the cancellation of the Agreement of use by the Company or a member after the Services are activated. Article 3 (Posting and Revision of the Terms and Conditions) * The Company will post the contents of the Terms of Use on the first page of the Service so that members can easily understand them. * The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as the “Regulation of Standardized Agreements Act” and the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Information and Communications Network Act”). * If the Company is going to revise the Terms and Conditions, it shall notify the date of application (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Date”) and the reason for the revision, from seven days prior to the effective date to the day before the effective date on the first page along with the existing Terms and Conditions. However, if the Company is going to change the Terms and Conditions of the agreement against to customers, a 30-day grace period will be applied. In this case, the content before revision is clearly compared with the content after revision and displayed clearly so that customers can easily recognize the difference. * A member will be considered to have agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions if he/she did not clearly express his/her refusal within 30 days of the grace period even though the Company has notified such fact in accordance with Clause 2. If a member does not agree with the revised Terms and Conditions, the Company cannot apply the revision to the member, in which case the member can terminate the Agreement of use. If he/she continues to use the Services after the Effective Date of the changed Terms and Conditions, he/she will be considered to have agreed to the revision. Article 4 (Conclusion of the Agreement of Use) The Agreement of Use shall be concluded between the person who intends to be a member (hereinafter referred to as the “Applicant”) and the Company after the Applicant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement and fills out the application that will be then approved by the Company. The timing of the conclusion of the Agreement of Use will be considered when the Company has completed the registration process. Article 5 (Application for Use) * To use the Services, you should apply for the membership by filling out the application form set force by the Company and then agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and matters regarding collection of personal information. * Members shall not transfer, borrow, or collateralize their membership or rights arising therefrom. * All user information on the application form is considered to be authentic data. Users who have not entered their real name or correct information are not legally protected and may be subject to limited service. Article 6 (Approval of Application for Use) The Company will approve the user’s application for use of Services pursuant to Article 5. The Company may withhold the decision of approval until the reason for the limitation on the approval of the application is resolved in the following cases. ① When there is no room for service-related facilities ② In case of technical difficulties (exceptions) ③ In other cases wherein it is deemed necessary by the Company (exceptions) ④ The Company may not approve the application in case of the following. ⑤ If the applicant has previously lost his/her membership under the terms of this agreement (except when it has passed three years after the loss of membership and he/she has obtained approval of the re-subscription for the membership) ⑥ If he/she has applied using someone else's name or personal information. ⑦ When there is false, missing, or incorrect information in the user’s information on the application form. ⑧ A child under the age of 14 has not obtained consent from a legal representative (parents, etc.). ⑨ If he/she applied for the purpose of hindering social well-being or public morals ⑩ If the requirements for the application are not met Article 7 (Protection and Use of Personal Information) The Company strives to protect the personal information of its members as stipulated by related laws and regulations. The protection and use of personal information are governed by the related laws and the Company’s privacy policy. However, if a webpage that is not operated by the Company is linked to the Company’s site, the Company's privacy policy is not applied to that webpage. Article 8 (Change of Members’ Information) * Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the My Info. page. However, it is not possible to modify their real name and ID required for service management. * If a member changes his/her personal information entered at the time of application for membership, he/she must make a correction online without delay and inform the Company of the change by e-mail or other means. * The Company shall not be held responsible for the disadvantages caused by not informing the Company of the changes as stipulated in Clause 2. Article 9 (Limitation on Membership) To protect children’s privacy, the Company limits children under 14 years of age to join the membership. Article 19 (Notification to Members) * If the Company needs to notify members, it may notify them by using the registered e-mail address and phone number entered by the members, unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. * The Company may substitute for the notification in Paragraph 1 by posting on the Company's bulletin board for seven days or more in the case of making a notice to all members. Article 11 (Obligations of the Company) * The Company shall do its best to provide continuous and stable services without any deeds prohibited by or in violation of related laws and these Terms and Conditions. * The Company shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can use the service safely and disclose and observe the privacy policy. * The Company will not send spam e-mails for commercial purposes that members do not consent to. Article 12 (Obligation to Manage Members’ IDs and passwords) * Members are responsible for the management of their ID and password and should not allow any third party to use them. * The Company may restrict the use of the ID if it can be misunderstood for the Company and a manager of the Company or limit the access by the user who is concerned to leak personal information or carry out anti-social behavior or act in violation of public morals. * If a member becomes aware that his/her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he/she shall immediately notify the Company and follow the Company's instructions. * If any damage occurs to a member as he/she violated Clause 1 and Clause 3, the Company shall not be held responsible for it. Article 13 (Obligations of Members) Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Services. ① Entering false information in case of application or change of the information. ② Stealing of someone else’s information ③ Arbitrarily changing of information posted on the Company’s website ④ Sending or posting of information other than the information set by the Company (computer programs, etc.) ⑤ Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the company and other third parties ⑥ Act of impairing the reputation of the Company and other third parties or disrupting business ① Act of impersonating an officer, staff, or related personnel of the Company ② Act of collecting or saving personal information of other customers without the approval of the Company. ③ Act of disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voice clips, and other information against public morals on the Company’s website. * Customers should fill out the application form with correct and true information on the basis of facts when they apply for the membership or change their personal information. They cannot claim any rights if they entered false or someone else’s information. * Customers shall comply with matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, other regulations, and announcements by the Company and related laws and regulations. * The Company shall not be held responsible for any customers’ disadvantages arising from the failure to notify the Company of any changes in the terms of the Agreement details such as address, contact information, e-mail address, etc. * Customers cannot perform business activities using the Services without prior consent of the Company, and the company shall not be responsible for the result of such business activities. In addition, if the Company suffers any damage because of the customer’s business activities, he/she shall be liable for the damages, and the Company may claim damages against the customer by restricting his/her use of the Service and through proper procedures. Article 14 (Provision of Information) * The Company may provide various information related to the use of the Services, such as the Company’s products, related brand sites, store information, and events to its members through e-mail, postal services, or telephone. If members do not want such information, they can refuse to receive such information on the application menu and the Modify Information page. * The Company may request additional personal information with the customer’s consent for the purpose of improving the Services and introducing a new service to the customer. Article 15 (Business with Advertisers) The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of the members’ participation, communication, or trade with advertisers in their promotional activities posted on or through the Services. Article 16 (Postings by Members) The Company shall not be liable for the contents posted, published, e-mailed, or otherwise transmitted by the member through the Services and can delete them without prior notice if they fall under any of the following cases. ① If the contents slander others, either members or non-members, infringe their privacy, or bring disgrace on them ② If it is feared that the contents may disrupt the stable operation of the Services ③ If the contents are deemed to be related to criminal conduct ④ If the contents violate the intellectual property or other rights of the Company and others (third parties) ⑤ If the contents are posted over the posting period stipulated by the Company ⑥ If the contents are deemed to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations ⑦ If the contents are against the Company’s service operating policies Article 17 (Rights and Responsibilities for Postings) * The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the works created by the Company shall belong to the Company. * Members shall not use the copyrighted information acquired during the use of the Company’s Services for commercial purposes or allow any third party to use it by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, or other means without the Company's prior consent. * The Company shall notify the member in case of using his/her copyright according to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the work posted by a member violates the rights of the Company or a third party or that the work is against the public order, the Company may remove it at any time and notify the member of the fact. Article 18 (Counseling Bulletin Board) * Answers to questions are subjective ones based on the knowledge of each expert. The Company does not represent the opinion of the respondent and does not warrant that the answer is medically or objectively verified. * Each expert can refer to the contents of the consultation and the answers for the appropriate response to the consultation requests by members. * The contents of the consultation conducted through the Services can be used as a part of the Company’s writing activities, such as academic activities, publication, etc., and service contents such as FAQs with the personal information deleted so that the individual cannot be identified. * Consultation service shall not be provided under any of the following cases. ① If the same consultation is requested repeatedly ② If the consultation service is requested by using a language that defies common sense ③ If the consultation service requiring diagnosis is applied ④ When the consultation about treatment fee, examination fee, drug price, etc., is requested ⑤ If the consultation that does not conform to the purpose of consultation services is requested Article 19 (Contents of E-Mails) * The Company shall not edit or monitor the contents of the members’ e-mails. * Each member shall be responsible for the contents of his/her e-mail. * Members should not send any pornographic or indecent contents, junk mail, spam mail, or other e-mails that are harmful to others or in violation of the public morals without permission. * Members shall not engage in any activities prohibited by the Information and Communications Network Act or any other applicable laws, and any legal liability incurred by such activities shall be held by the concerned members. * The ID and e-mail of the member who caused damage to others or performed behavior in violation of public morals by using the Services shall be not protected. Article 20 (Service Hours) * Services shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there are any business or technical errors or other special reasons. However, in case of maintenance required by the Company or system errors or other force majeure such as over user traffic, the use of the Services shall be limited as a whole or in part. * The Company may set the available time for some of the Services provided, and, in this case, the members will be informed or notified in advance of the available time for use. Article 21 (Responsibilities for Use of Services) Members are prevented from performing business activities such as selling illegal goods, especially commercial activities through hacking, other commercial activities, money-making ads, obscene sites, etc., and distributing commercial software illegally by using the Services. The Company shall not be held liable for any consequential result or loss resulting from the business activities in violation of the Article or for any legal action by the authorities concerned. Article 22 (Cancellation of Agreement and Limited Use) * When a member intends to terminate the Agreement, the member him/herself must apply for termination to the Company. * Even if a member is using the service, the Company may terminate the Agreement if the reason for refusal of acceptance pursuant to Clause 3, Article 6 is found. * The Company may terminate the Agreement or suspend the use of the Services for a certain period without prior notice if the member conducts any of the following. ① If he/she stole someone’s service ID or password ② If he/she intentionally interfered with the operation of the Services ③ If he/she intentionally disseminated the contents against the public order and morals ④ If he/she planned or used the Services for the purpose of hampering national interest or social good ⑤ If he/she performed an act that brings disgrace on others or causes damage to them ⑥ If he/she transmitted a large amount of information or commercial information for the purpose of hindering the stable operation of the Services ⑦ If he/she distributed computer virus programs that cause malfunction of ICT systems or destruction of information ⑧ If he/she infringed the intellectual property rights of the Company, other members or others third parties ⑨ If the Company received a request for correction from external organizations such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or authoritative interpretation from the election commission in related to illegal campaign. ⑩ If he/she illegally used personal information, user ID and password of others. ⑪ If he/she copied or distributed the information obtained by using the company's Services or use it for commercial purposes without prior consent of the Company ⑫ If he/she posted pornographic material on his or her homepage or bulletin board, or links to a sexually explicit site ⑬ If he/she was in violation of the condition for use determined by the Company including the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and other related laws and regulations Article 23 (Escape Clauses) * The Company shall be exempted from liability for the provision of the Services if it cannot provide them because of natural disasters or force majeure. * The Company shall be exempted from liability in the event of any disruption in the use of the Services for reasons attributed to the members. * The Company is exempt from liability for damages incurred as a result of the member's failure to obtain the expected benefits from the Services or the selection or use of the service data. * The Company shall be exempted from liability for the contents of the information posted by the members on the Services such as reliability, accuracy, etc. * The Company shall be exempted from liability if transaction between the members of the Company and third parties is made through the Services. Article 24 (Competent Court) * The lawsuit filed between the Company and a member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. * All disputes and lawsuits related to the use of the Services pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be brought before the competent court under the Civil Procedure Code. These Terms and Conditions shall be effective from December 1, 2011.



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